Germany broke the ice. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine and the Ambassador are satisfied with the change in the rhetoric of Olaf Scholz

Sofiia Telishevska

German Chancellor Olaf Scholzʼs words in Kyiv impressed Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who is now waiting for action from Berlin.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy said this on German media outlet ARD, ZDF reports.

He believes that Scholzʼs visit was important for restoring mutual trust between Germany and Ukraine.

"According to the words that struck us today, there must be deeds. We hope that will be the case," he said.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Berlin Andriy Melnyk, in turn, said that this visit was important for both Ukraine and Scholz.

According to the ambassador, Germany broke the ice.

"This is a historic opportunity for Germany to become much bigger today. No country has benefited more from EU enlargement to the east than Germany," Melnyk said.