The list of Ukrainian communities that are occupied or in the war zone has been expanded. Six communities were added to it

Kostia Andreikovets

The Ministry of Reintegration has updated the list of areas where hostilities continue or whose hromadas (communities) are temporarily occupied. On the basis of this list, internally displaced persons are paid compensation (2.2-2.5 thousand hryvnias per month).

Five communities of Sumy Oblast and one community of Mykolayiv Oblast were added to this list.

Currently, the list includes territorial communities of 8 Oblasts: Dnipropetrovsk (7 communities), Donetsk (66), Zaporizhia (64), Luhansk (37), Mykolaiv (23), Kharkiv (51), Kherson (49) and Sumy (13). The list is regularly updated.