Starting from tomorrow, Ukraine will supply electricity to Moldova

Anna Kholodnova

Ukrainian Enerhoatom (National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine) will start supplying electricity to Moldova on June 4.

This was reported in the companyʼs press service.

Ukraineʼs largest electricity producer has signed an export contract with the Moldovan state-owned company Energocom. According to the agreements, Energoatom plans to supply 85.2 thousand MWh of electricity to Moldova in June at a price of $ 77 per MWh.

Thanks to exports, Enerhoatom will receive an additional source to finance special obligations under which it supplies electricity to the population.

The company notes that it has great potential to increase electricity production, so its export to Moldova, and later to neighboring EU countries, is a promising area of trade for Enerhoatom.

The company also said that Moldovaʼs energy consumption largely depends on generation at the Moldovan GRES, which is owned by Russia. Ukrainian exports will allow the country to diversify electricity supplies and strengthen its energy security.

  • Ukraine and Moldova have jointly integrated with the European ENTSO-E. The power systems of both countries were fully synchronized with the power grid of continental Europe in mid-March 2022.