The iconic painting by Warhol and Marilyn Monroe sold for a record $ 195 million

Julia Sheredeha

Andy Warholʼs iconic Marilyn Monroe painting sold at auction for $ 195 million (£ 158.17 million), making it the most expensive work of art sold in the 20th century.

This was reported by the BBC.

This amount is also the highest ever paid for an American work of art.

The painting Shot Sage Blue Marilyn Warhol painted in 1964, inspired by Monroeʼs famous photograph.

On the eve of the auction, Christieʼs wrote that the painting is "one of the rarest and most transcendent images", with a selling price "in the region" of $ 200 million.

The auction ended with a sale price of $ 170 million, which rose to $ 195 million including taxes and fees.