CNN: US military bases in Europe are on high alert due to the threat of Russian sabotage

Oleksandra Opanasenko

In early July, US military bases in Europe were put on high alert due to threats of sabotage against US military facilities and military personnel by "Russian-backed individuals".

CNN writes about this with reference to several sources.

US intelligence has been receiving information for the past two weeks that Russia is considering US bases and military personnel as targets for attacks by its proxies. These attacks are similar to sabotage that was planned in Europe. Thus, in April, two people with Russian and German citizenship were arrested in Germany — they are suspected of spying for Russia and preparing sabotage.

CNN writes that the threat was high enough that several US military bases in Europe raised the level of protection to the second most important state of "Charlie". It is used when there is a possibility of a terrorist attack or an attack on personnel and military facilities.

According to a senior NATO representative, the Alliance countries have "significantly increased" the sharing of intelligence about the Russian sabotage campaign in Europe. In recent months, it has become more and more aggressive against the backdrop of elections in the West, writes CNN, which is a "great opportunity" for Russia to try to undermine public support for Ukraine.

US European Command declined to comment, but its spokesman, Dan Day, said the increase in combat readiness was not due to a single threat, but to a combination of factors.

CNN writes that Russia can wage a hybrid war with Western countries with the help of sabotage. An unnamed NATO official noted that Russiaʼs sabotage is now more coordinated and aggressive than it was during the Cold War.