Reuters: The US is worried that a full-scale war will break out on the border between Israel and Lebanon

Olha Bereziuk

The United States is very concerned that the fighting on the Israeli-Lebanese border could turn into a full-scale war.

This was stated by a high-ranking American official in a comment to Reuters.

He noted that specific security measures are needed for this region, and a cease-fire in Gaza is not enough.

Iran-backed “Hezbollah” and Israel have been attacking each other since the Gaza war began in October, steadily escalating attacks, raising fears of a larger confrontation.

"For eight months, since the beginning of this crisis, we have held consistent and urgent talks with Israel and Lebanon at different times to prevent this situation from escalating into a full-scale war that could have ramifications far beyond the regionʼs borders," the official said.

At the same time, he added that returning to the status quo by October 6, 2023 in Lebanon is an "unsustainable option."

  • The “Hezbollah” group has attacked the border with Israel dozens of times since the attack by Hamas and during the war in the Gaza Strip.
  • On Wednesday, June 12, "Hezbollah" fired 160 rockets at Israel, writes The Times of Israel. This is the largest number of rockets fired by Lebanon at Israel in one day since the cross-border hostilities began last October.