MFA of Ukraine: If international law does not work, it must be changed

Sofiia Telishevska, Oksana Kovalenko

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba believes that international law should be changed, if it is now impossible to hold Russia accountable as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

He said this at a press conference in The Hague, a Babel correspondent reports.

“With all my respect for the rule of law and the static nature of some legal concepts, law evolves because the purpose of law is to solve the problems facing humanity in a fair and just way. And in the current state, when international law cannot solve the problem of bringing to justice a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the law must change," he said.

In his opinion, "the heart of international law around the world beats precisely at the meetings of the main group, because it is here that the most innovative and creative ideas regarding the development of international law are considered."

He recalled that the conversation about the creation of a special tribunal on the crime of aggression began with a clear "no" and rejection by all partners, but in the end a lot was achieved. According to him, this is no longer a legal issue, but a political one.

"If politicians want to serve justice, lawyers and bankers will always find a way. This fully applies to us as well. And if the international community followed a different logic, the Nuremberg Tribunal, as well as the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and other tribunals, would not have happened," the minister noted.

"Everything starts with the desire to do justice. And if there is someone who believes that the atrocities committed by Russia against Ukraine, if there is someone who believes that the crime of aggression committed by Russia against Ukraine is not enough to find a solution to hold Russia accountable for this crime, then, unfortunately, we are on different sides of the barricades with these countries," Kuleba emphasized.