Academic mobility to foreign universities is now also available for male students

Oleksandra Opanasenko

From now on, academic mobility to institutions of higher education abroad is also available for male students under special conditions.

This was reported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Male students can join the academic mobility program for one semester to cross the border. This applies only to students aged 18 to 22 who are studying full-time bachelorʼs degrees (or masterʼs degrees in medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine). The student must not be subject to conscription for military service during mobilization.

"Academic mobility programs are to some extent a breath of fresh air for both students and universities. In order to take part, it is necessary to have high scores and fulfill a number of requirements set by the founders of the program," said Minister of Education of Ukraine Oksen Lisovyi.

Documents required for crossing the border:

  • e-ticket of the student;
  • referral from the university;
  • a certified copy of the agreement with a foreign university on admission to the academic mobility program;
  • military reference document from the military commission. The MES will not issue any special permits.

This decision will contribute to the integration of Ukraine into the European area of higher education and will restore the opportunity for all students to participate in academic mobility programs.

  • Academic mobility is an opportunity for students to temporarily go abroad for study or internship in order to gain new knowledge and experience. For universities, it is also a way to strengthen partnerships with foreign institutions.