France and Germany will create an air defense coalition for Ukraine. Results of “Ramstein”

Oleksandra Opanasenko

Defense Ministers of Germany Boris Pistorius and France Sebastien Lecornu have signed an agreement on the creation of a coalition of capabilities for the development of air defense of Ukraine, the French Ministry of Defense reported.

After the launch of the artillery coalition for Ukraine, France again led the air defense coalition. According to Defense Minister Lekornyu, the strengthening of air defense of Ukraine is important for the protection of the civilian population. The declaration signed today will increase the effectiveness of air defense support and facilitate procurement.

"We are strengthening our air defense, both with systems and missiles for them. The coalition of the Coalition of Integrated Air and Missile Defense has officially started its work. 15 countries have already joined. I am grateful to Germany, France and the United States for their leadership," said Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov about the creation of the coalition.

Umerov also summed up the 19th meeting in the "Ramstein" format. He stated that the partners have held fruitful talks within the framework of the Coalition of Capabilities and enhanced cooperation on the issue of unmanned systems.

"Today, the work of the Drone Coalition was officially launched. Eight countries have already joined — Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Latvia. I am grateful to Latvia for its leadership," Umyerov said.

Also, 20 countries officially joined the demining coalition led by Lithuania.

Umerov emphasized that the process of transferring F16 fighter jets "is going according to schedule within the framework of all agreements with partners", and artillery systems and shells — in particular, their joint production — remains on the agenda.