Apple discriminated against US citizens during hiring — now the company will pay a fine

Sofiia Telishevska

Apple has agreed to pay $25 million to settle a discriminatory hiring lawsuit.

This is reported by “Bloomberg”.

The U.S. Department of Justice alleged that Apple discriminated against American workers in its PERM (permanent labor certification) hiring process. The tech giant did not advertise such jobs on its website, making it difficult for employees to apply.

According to the agency, Apple required job applicants to submit paper applications and did not allow them to be submitted electronically, as is done for other jobs. This made it difficult to find employment for people who are not part of the PERM program, the department said.

The PERM program allows companies to sponsor foreign workers for permanent resident status, but does not allow employers to show bias. According to the Department of Justice, Appleʼs approach resulted in a low number of applications for permanent resident status. Apple says it agreed to the payout when it realized it had fallen short of Justice Department standards and implemented a plan to correct the situation.