Hidden sketches of Modigliani were found under the painting “Nude with a Hat”

Anna Kholodnova

The curators of the Israeli museum discovered three previously unknown sketches of the artist Amedeo Modigliani, which were hidden under one of his paintings.

The Guardian writes about it.

The find in the "Nude with a Hat" canvas was discovered using X-rays during a forensic examination for an exhibition in Philadelphia.

Inna Berkowitz, an art historian at the University of Haifa in Israel, said it was a "quite amazing discovery."

"Nude with a hat" was already an unusual work of art. Portraits are drawn on both sides of the canvas, facing in opposite directions. On one side there is a naked woman "upside down". On the back is a portrait of Maude Abrantes, Modiglianiʼs friend.

In 2010, under the collar of Maud Abrantes, the eyes of the third person depicted in the painting were noticed. It was only now possible to confirm the existence of the sketch thanks to modern technologies.