Gold, horns, fur, disco layer, and toy railway. Slidstvo.Info showed what Medvedchukʼs residence in Transcarpathia looks like

Anna Kholodnova

Slidstva.Info journalists visited the residence of pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk in the village of Zhdenievo in Transcarpathia.

Here is what they saw there:

The estate is located on a huge territory and is guarded by security police. There are several houses, ponds and a mountain river fenced off. The size of Medvedchukʼs lands reaches more than 120 hectares.

But the most interesting, of course, journalists found inside. The wooden palace of the bear has several entrances and an elevator for six people, which goes to the upper floors.

Victor Medvedchukʼs nostalgia for the Soviet Union is embodied in the red soda machine on the ground floor.

Journalists were greeted with paintings, multi-meter chandeliers, and gold decor in the living room. And also — a large fireplace made of green marble, dark wood, and gilding with the inscription in Latin "Fortune favors the bold"

Also in the living room of Victor Medvedchuk were spotted a disco ball and deer antlers decorated with Christmas garlands.

Among the jewels is a table clock from the Spanish brand Soher. In "Slidstvo.Info" learned that the price of this type of model starts from 300 thousand hryvnias.

Of course, there are a swimming pool and jacuzzi with panoramic views of the forest and mountains. There is also a gym with exercise machines and treadmills, a massage parlor, a spa area, and a sauna.

The furniture stands on a large piece of fox fur.

The journalist was also found with a miniature railway in Medvedchuk, which seems to resonate with his "golden car" in Pushcha-Vodytsya.

Through a small waterfall from the "main" house, you can get to the "guest" house, which has several dining rooms, seating areas, and bedrooms. And the bathrooms are decorated with marble.

In some places, visitors can see the skins of brown bears and paintings of amber.

On February 27, Viktor Medvedchuk fled his home in Kyiv. Lychakiv District Court of Lviv arrested in absentia Member of Parliament y and Vladimir Putinʼs friend on suspicion of treason. However, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have not yet established his whereabouts and are asking Ukrainians to help find him.