Apple, Google and Microsoft want to give up passwords in 2023

Anna Kholodnova

Apple, Google and Microsoft have joined forces to abandon passwords in mobile phones, computers and browsers.

This was reported by Techcrunch.

According to Verizonʼs annual data hacking report, passwords are usually insecure. Weak and easy-to-remember passwords account for more than 80% of all data hacks.

Apple, Google and Microsoft have announced that they are expanding support for the password-free login standard from the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. Soon, users will be able to access the app or site via smartphone, regardless of operating system or browser. All you have to do is unlock your smartphone with a fingerprint, face scan or device PIN.

You will also be able to automatically access your FIDO credentials or access keys on multiple devices, including new ones, without re-registering.

Although three companies have long supported the password-free login standard created by the FIDO Alliance, users are still forced to log in to each site or application on a separate device with a password.

Over the next year, three technology giants will implement FIDO password-free entry standards in macOS and Safari; Android and Chrome; and Windows and Edge. This means that, for example, users will be able to sign in to Google Chrome browser, which is controlled by Microsoft Windows, using the access key on the Apple device.

This will make it much more difficult for hackers to remotely hack, as access to a physical device will be required to log in.