Russiaʼs war with Ukraine. Kyiv oblast is liberated, dead civilians were found in Bucha, photographer Max Levin was killed, Starstreak was successfully used in Luhansk oblast. Day 39: live coverage

Kostia Andreykovets

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the entire Kyiv oblast, and law enforcement officers began to clear the city. Civilians shot dead by Russians were found in Bucha. The occupants fired missiles at Myrhorod, Kryvyi Rih, the Kremenchuk Refinery, and dispersed protesters in Enerhodar. Photographer and journalist Max Levin was killed in Kyiv oblast, and an enemy Mi-28H helicopter was shot down by the British Starstreak missile system in Luhansk oblast. Read about the main events of the 39th day of the war in our live text coverage (read about the main events of April 2 - here).