The Rada held its fifth meeting since the beginning of the Russian invasion. What laws have been passed

Oleg Panfilovych

The Verkhovna Rada held a session at which it passed 21 bills.

This was announced by MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

In particular, the laws on:

  • providing rehabilitation aids to victims of war (№7210);
  • additional grounds for exemption from mobilization for pregnant women servicemen or on childcare leave. Also, one of the spouses, if both are in military service and have a child (№7209);
  • improving the principles of organization and conduct of the resistance movement (technical clarifications) (№7180);
  • enshrining the rule that entry into the Territorial defense forces can only be at the place of registration or (during the war) in areas where direct hostilities are taking place (№ 7217);
  • free medical rehabilitation and medical care for servicemen who took part in hostilities (№7226);
  • establishment of a monetary reward for voluntarily transferring to the Armed Forces of Ukraine military equipment of the aggressor state, suitable for use. Plane and ship - $ 1 million, tank - $ 100 thousand, armored personnel carrier - $ 50 thousand (№7229);
  • one hundred percent guarantee of deposits in all banks during the war, also fully included rules that will accelerate the sale of military bonds (№5542-1);
  • increase of taxes by 50% for companies that did not want to leave Russia (№7232);
  • removal of any restrictions on the transition to a 2% system of taxes and import of materials for the manufacture of body armor and armored vehicles without VAT and duties (№7234);
  • zero VAT rate on alternative motor fuel and wider use of biofuels (№7233)
  • creation of the state register of property damaged and destroyed by the war and the procedure for compensation for it from the State (№7198);
  • nationalization of the property of citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation, as well as citizens of Ukraine who publicly deny the war (№7169);
  • dismissal of members of supervisory boards for not arriving at work for 48 hours in wartime (№7176);
  • on improving the law establishing liability for dissemination. The terms concerning the sources of information from the bodies of the partner countries, as well as to the legitimate subjects of dissemination of information on the movement or location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (№7236) are specified;
  • banning political parties that justify or deny Russiaʼs armed aggression against Ukraine (№7172-1);
  • prohibition of symbols used by the occupierʼs armed forces in the war against Ukraine (№7214);