State Bureau of Investigations is investigating 200 cases under articles on treason and collaborationism.

Anna Kholodnova

Since the beginning of the war, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (SBI) has registered 330 criminal proceedings, of which almost 200 were for high treason and collaborationism.

SBI reported on Facebook that in the last 24 hours alone, 7 criminal proceedings have been launched on the fact of committing treason.

In particular, in Kramatorsk, two collaborationism proceedings have been launched on the fact of defecting to the side of the occupiers of law enforcement officers of Donbas. In Poltava, the treason of the former mayor of the city of Izium, two current deputies of the Izium city council, and a former policeman are being investigated.

"Everyone who, under martial law, admits the possibility of committing crimes against Ukrainians and Ukrainian statehood will be detected and held accountable", the ministry said.