Ukraine and the United States have launched a security dialogue in the 2 + 2 format. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine told the details of the meeting with Biden

Anna Kholodnova

In Warsaw, US President Joe Biden met with the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense, Dmytro Kuleba and Oleksii Reznikov. At this meeting, Ukraine and the United States launched a security dialogue in the "2 + 2" format at the level of foreign affairs and defense officials.

The parties discussed current issues of war with Russia and cooperation in political and defense areas.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba informed that Biden had said two things: “What is happening in Ukraine will change the 21st century. He has a clear understanding of this - this is not a war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, this is a war of tyranny against the whole world. The second — is that the United States will be steadfast with Ukraine in absolutely everything until our victory, nothing will force the United States to turn away from Ukraine and weaken support, on the contrary - it will only increase. "

The parties discussed new sanctions - the closure of American and European ports for Russian ships and cargo and how to "encourage" some European countries to sanctions. The parties also agreed on how and with which countries to work so that they do not become a loophole to circumvent sanctions by Russia.

As for weapons: "There were a substantive conversation, progress, and developments.»

The White House published the minutes of the meeting, stating that Ukrainian ministers informed the United States about the military, diplomatic and humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Biden briefed ministers on US efforts to unite the world in support of Ukraine, as well as on significant military and humanitarian assistance. Further actions were discussed, as well as bringing Putin to justice.