Zelensky demands to reform international institutions due to Russiaʼs threats to use nuclear weapons

Kostia Andreykovets

Speaking at the Delphic Forum (Qatar), President Volodymyr Zelensky stated the need for a complete reform of international institutions because Russia threatens the world with nuclear weapons and does not bear the penalty.

He stressed that Russia enjoys "privileges" in international organizations due to its nuclear status and resorted to blackmail.

"Injustice is the basis of what Russia is doing against us, against Ukraine, using its privileges in international organizations, as well as the fear of using nuclear weapons, a fear that Russia is deliberately spreading, boasting that it can destroy a nation with nuclear weapons, and life on Earth in general. There is now a serious political debate in the world: what to do if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons," the president said.

Zelensky stressed that in the 1990s, Ukraine gave up its third-largest nuclear arsenal and received written promises of security, which are no longer valid. Therefore, looking at this, other states will conclude that they also need nuclear weapons to protect themselves from attacks.

"We need a real reform of international institutions, UN mechanisms to ensure security," Zelensky said.