Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia presented a plan of saving Ukraine. It consists of 10 points

Kostia Andreykovets

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki published an article on the Politico website outlining a plan to help Ukraine and end the war. Poland has prepared this plan together with the Czech Republic and Slovenia and it consists of 10 points.

Moravetsky stressed that since the start of the war, the EU has introduced four packages of sanctions, but this is not enough. Therefore, the three countries propose the following next steps:

  • Disconnect all Russian banks from SWIFT;
  • Introduce a single program of political asylum for Russian servicemen who refuse to fight and carry out Kremlin orders;
  • Block all Russian propaganda in the EU;
  • Prohibit the entry of Russian ships into European ports;
  • A similar ban should be imposed on road transport to and from Russia;
  • Impose sanctions not only against Russian oligarchs, but also against their business;
  • Suspend the issuance of European visas to Russians;
  • Impose sanctions on all members of Putinʼs United Russia (Yedinaya Rossiya) party;
  • Prohibit the export to Russia of all technologies that can be used for military purposes;
  • Exclude Russia from all international organizations.

Morawiecki stressed that if this plan does not work, the EU must be ready to go further and impose new sanctions.

"In Kyiv, we have proposed a peacekeeping mission under the auspices of NATO and other international organizations. If we cannot impose effective sanctions, we have no choice: we must protect the people of Ukraine with our own shields," he said.