In Spain, a 62-year-old sailor who spent 16 hours in an overturned boat was rescued

Anna Kholodnova

Spanish coast guard workers rescued a 62-year-old Frenchman who spent 16 hours inside a sailing boat that capsized in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Guardian writes about it.

The rescuers called this operation "On the edge of the possible".

The 12-metre Jeanne Solo Sailor sent a distress signal at 20:23 on August 1, 22.5 km from the Cisargas Islands in Spain. This boat left Lisbon on the morning of July 31.

One of the three search helicopters found the overturned vessel. The divers reached the hull of the boat, and the man tapped them from the inside. The sea was too rough, so the rescuers had to wait until morning.

Then the sailor was still pulled out. He was airlifted to a safe place, examined at the hospital and soon discharged.