Compensation from € 5,000 to € 30,000. Ukrainians affected by the war can apply to the European Court of Human Rights

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukrainians who have suffered from Russian aggression can receive compensation ranging from € 5,000 to € 30,000. To do so, they must apply to the European Court of Human Rights within four months of the violation, but no later than 16 January 2023.

This was reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

You can create an application online through the system. People who have lost relatives (relatives) whose homes were destroyed, injured, illegally imprisoned, tortured or raped can count on benefits. The system simplifies the submission of the application, because it already contains all the necessary fields to fill in and tells citizens exactly what to specify.

The application can also be filled in for a relative if he/she cannot submit it on his/her own.

The system will ask you to fill in the form, download the necessary documents, print out and send the application to one of the Ukrposhta branches. When filling in, the address of the European Court of Human Rights is automatically formed, which must be pasted on the packed shipment in the office. Postal services for the sender are free.

The term of consideration of the application can be from 1 year, but the Ministry of Finance notes that the probability of receiving compensation is high.